Greenpoint, October, 2015

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Telephone Road to Low Highway

Let's keep the Steve Earle vibe going for a little bit. After all he is the troubadour of the highway. He's looking more distinguished these days, now that he's a TV star (The Wire, Treme) and author. Certainly more than he was in 1997, as seen here in this performance on BBC. They had cleaned him up for TV. When I saw him on the same tour in Providence, his hair was a little greasier and he rocked a little harder. Great band, great show.

Solid State
I had first heard Steve Earle's "Guitar Town" about ten years earlier on this Sanyo transistor radio (still works) on the floor of my Prospect Heights apartment. The radio was on the floor because I slept on the floor, on a futon in a room that had space for little more. That would have been the last days of WHN 1150AM before it changed to WFAN Sports Radio. I bought the record the next day.

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