Greenpoint, October, 2015

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Parking with a Vengence

Bad parking is nothing special, on my block anyway. But there was something about this particular double-spacer. Not only did he not close ranks to make space for another car; when the magic hour of no-parking came to end, he stayed in his car. I loitered on the sidewalk, determined to ask him why he took up so much space. Did he not get that if everyone parked like him there'd be 50% less space for all of us? He didn't get out. I went upstairs. Still, I had to check on him from my window. 5 minutes later, still there. 10 minutes, still there...

People came and went. He stuck. He seems to have been going through plastic bags of junk mail. When he finished one, he started in on another. Or maybe the same one again. I couldn't tell. I'm going to outlast this S.O.B., I thought. My own work waited. I took a shower, and came back. Still there. OK, you win, but what's your game?

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