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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Greening the BQE, Part VII (Conclusion)

My favorite BQE greenspace is found where McGuinness Boulevard meets the expressway in Greenpoint. It's actually a little archipelago, with the Lentol Garden forming the main island. Members of Lentol Garden maintain the garden and, in return (plus 50 bucks), obtain a key to enter the garden, which is otherwise looked. One-timers can volunteer in the garden on weekend afternoons and enjoy its "well-trimmed coniferous trees, evergreens, and shade trees" (according to Parks Dept.).
LG is bordered by the BQE on-ramp for use by eastbound traffic on McGuinness. This and the on-ramp for westbound traffic create a smaller green island: shrubs, a small tree, the ubiquitous blue site-beautification sign. Attempt it at your peril! The photo above belies a steady stream of BQE-motivated traffic. From the islet, you have a close-up of my very favorite BQE-bit: this hoary old tree covered with ivy, on the narrowest sliver of earth between on-ramp 2 and Meeker Avenue:
I suppose its roots must stretch under the BQE itself. A survivor of the fast-moving glacier that cut through the neighborhood and so many others 80 years or so ago. Will it leaf out this season? Stay tuned.

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