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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Housing for Trolls

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Spotted this yellow under the Gowanus Expressway across from the Hamilton Avenue asphalt works: "Really Cheap House 4 Sale. Call Now," plus a 718 number. Even though the really cheap house is probably not itself under the expressway, it reminded me of Alvy Singer's (Wood Allen) family home in Annie Hall, under a roller coaster in Coney Island. The house in the movie is actually the old Kensington Hotel under the Thunderbolt. According to the Scouting New York, both coaster and hotel were razed by the Giuliani administration in 2000 after years of disuse.
Earplugs included

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  1. How about those ads on 1010 Wins? "If your house is a dump ... burned down ... even if your house has been taken over by drug addicts ..." If our house falls down the company may be invaluable!