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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kissin' Cousins

No hair nets? (Photo: Daily News)
Word on the street is that Mitt Romney will name Paul Ryan as his Veep Candidate later this morning. Both the Daily News and the Times went with photos from a Romney-Ryan campaign appearance at Cousins a Waukesha, WI, sub shop from April. There is no greater bond than handing out free sandwiches. What is it with Romney and fast food sandwich shops. In Pennsylvania, it was Wawa (or "Wawa's" in Romneyspeak), now Cousins a huge midwest franchise. I guess he might know some of the owners. Geez, Mitt where would you get your grinder in Westerly, RI.? Subway, D'Angelo's.... (Grinders, of course, are the long sandwich of Southeastern Conn., Rhode Island, Maine, and, oddly, Riverside, California.)

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