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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hoagies Are People, My Friends

"You say I can have any of these toppings? How marvelous."
So he may not have realized his meatball hoagie came from a Wawa store, not "Wawa's." So he may not have recognized that round chocolate-covered "goodie" is a doughnut. Give Mitt a break. He didn't have the privileged childhood you or I did, looking forward to our grinder, sub, hoagie.... Maybe a stop at Dandy Donuts after the doctor's office.... He's still learning. Mitt, this song's for you:

When you've mastered the Wawa hoagie, you can start to explore the wonderful non-corporate world of sandwiches. I'm sure you can get a sub in Belmont. Can you get a grinder in La Jolla? (Try Riverside.)

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