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Monday, June 18, 2012

Taxi Movies (9)

This is the easy part
Ever been convinced your cab driver had never actually driven a cab before? Tony Shaloub (who would go on to play a much chattier driver in the TV series Wings) gives an unnerving performance as just that cabbie in the underrated 1990 Bill Murray vehicle Quick Change. Murray, outfitted as a circus clown, has just robbed a bank, along with his partners played by Gena Davis and Randi Quaid. Now they just need to get to JFK to complete their getaway. Ultimately, it's not a heist movie--it's a commuter's nightmare movie. Asked by Murray whether his bus goes to the airport, the driver calmly replies: "Near the airport. That's how it was in those great post-Bernie-Goetz-pre-Caardvark days.

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