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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taxi Movies (The End)

"I ride around nights, mostly...subways, buses...."
A predictable choice for the closing film in the series, sure, but who can deny Martin Scorcese's 1986 film is the sine qua non of taxi movies. From his cab at night, Travis Bickle (DeNiro) observes and judges the filth and futility of the city. Gradually he transforms himself from witness to avenging angel. DeNiro was edged out for the best actor Oscar by Peter Finch in Network, another twisted urban fairly tale. (BTW: Rocky got best picture.) Peter Boyle, as the Wizard, steals this scene as he tries to give Travis some cabbie-to-cabbie advice. The scene was filmed outside the Belmore Cafetaria on Park Avenue South--a legendary taxi driver hangout. Here for a good Times piece on last days of the Belmore.

This series dedicated to all the taxi drivers. They put up with a lot of our shit.

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