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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Tango (Pamela Shoemaker)
I know what you're thinking as you look at this mural at Junction Boulevard and 37th Avenue: Hey, there's a parking space! Note the now antique meters (not to mention that cool luggage rack). It's 1986: You're looking at Jackson Heights a quarter century ago. The mural was part of the Cityarts Workshop, whose mission, back in the day, was to bring together artists and communities. According to a 1988 New York Times piece about the project, the mural was on the side of a supermarket. This morning, I took a sweaty stroll down to check out the site. There is a supermarket at the intersection but it offers no obvious wall space.
 Another candidate is the Rite Aid Pharmacy:
But that fronts a bus stop. Did it in 1986? Who knows? In any case, there's no mural there now. And no parking spaces either.

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  1. I remember this piece. I grew up seeing it, My mother worked across the street. thank for finding and posting this!