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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whip It Good

Not that instant
Waiting for my rental car on 62nd St. in Woodside, in the shadow of the BQE, I noticed the Instantwhip building across the street, next to Aamco. I'd seen the an Instantwhip truck in Manhattan a week or so before. Why hadn't I known about this company before? A quick trip to the website reveals this is no Cool Whip knock off; it's been with us since 1933:

Official Whipping Boy
"It all started during the height of the depression, when Professor Dr. G. Frederick Smith, his brothers Allyne H. Smith and Clarence Smith, the founders brought aerosol whipped cream to market for the first time. Dr. Smith and his brother Allyne devised a system to take dairy cream, process, package and pressurize it in returnable containers to produce Instantwhip whipped cream for use in restaurants, ice cream shops and soda fountains nationwide.  The Smith's returnable container and filling system made a process invented and patented by Professor Dr. Charles A Goetz for whipping cream under pressure both economical and commercially viable."

Moral: It takes a lot of doctors to make a desert topping.

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