Greenpoint, October, 2015

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Completely Unspoiled

"Still unspoiled, still revolutionary"
Clever strategy, Connecticut state tourism agency, placing this billboard on the BQE East at precisely the point at which you are guaranteed to be crawling towards the Kosciuszko Bridge. Now you're thinking about the clean, wide waters of the Connecticut River as you cross over the fetid Newtown Creek. Talk about spoiled. What am I doing here? Next thing you know, you're rolling past your exit headed toward the Triboro Bridge. Bumping along on the Bruckner Boulevard and finally 95 North. Not long after that, you're stuck in traffic crawling into Stamford (should have taken the Merritt). Soon you're cursing Joe Lieberman. And Ralph Nader--isn't he from Connecticut too? Jesus, those clowns got us eight years of George W. Bush. Come to think of it, he was born in New Haven. You'll never make Bridgeport at this rate, let alone East Haddam or Deep River or wherever that billboard photo was taken.

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