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Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome to Queens?

I guess we've all seen the Welcome to Brooklyn signs sponsored by (and sponsoring BP Mary Markowitz): "Welcome to Brooklyn - How Sweet It Is!" or "Believe the Hype!" There's even an annoying sign just before the Verrazano Narrows Bridge: "Leaving Brooklyn - Fughedaboudit!"

No such self promotion here in Queens, just a modest "Welcome to Queens." If we were to step up our game a bit, I wonder what we might put on our signs: "Welcome to Queens...
1) "Where the Trees Are the Right Height." No, damn it, that's Michigan.
2) "More Diverse Than You." Too in-your-face?
3) "When You're Sick of Hearing About Brooklyn." Says it all.
4) "Where the Mets Once Played Baseball." Ouch.

Or, we could take a page out of Coventry, Rhode Island's book. Check out these signs on the old New Haven and Hartford Railroad overpass (now a bike path). Can you make it out? It reads "Coventry - It Grows with You" (no exclamation mark, this isn't Brooklyn after all). I suggest a slight tweak: "Queens - It Grows ON You" (or, if you are residing in one of our great cemeteries, It Grows OVER You).

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  1. Great ideas! Esp. love the one "When you are sick of hearing about Brooklyn". Maybe add: "When you are sick of hearing about Brooklyn and don't want to move to Montclair, NJ". Maybe too long?

    Or how about Queens: Food? We got it.