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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Saint Sebastian's Day!

Vision of San Sebastian
(Mariano de Salvador de Maella)
Reader, how often have you wondered who is the patron saint of the BQE? Well, today I have your answer, it's San Sebastian de Aparicio (1502-1600). Born in Spain to peasant parents, he sailed to Mexico where he became a farmer and rancher. He saw the need for better roads to support commerce and agriculture and is credited with building over 600 miles of Mexican roads, including the 466-mile road from Mexico City to Zacatecas. At the age of 60 he entered into a "virginal marriage" with a peasant girl. Apparently, this was the thing to do if you want to "provide a respectable life for a girl without even a modest diary." He was so charitable, he did it again when his first wife died. (One more and he'd have tied Newt Gingrich.)

You can check out all kinds of patron saints on the Catholic Online patron saint site. You can really learn a lot. Did you know that Venantius is the patron saint of falling or that Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of bakers and pawnbrokers? No luck yet locating the patron saint of shortstops, but I'm pretty sure it's Luis de Aparacio.

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