Greenpoint, October, 2015

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jiffy Life

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A visit to Jiffy Lube tends to make one reflective on his or her own life. When was the last time I changed those wiper blades? Rotate the tires this time or wait until next? Should I finally switch to the synthetic oil or stay with SW-30 that's been keeping me going so far? Can it really be time already for a 50,000-mile complete fuel oil system cleaning?

Maybe that "already" is what needled me into a drive through Calvary Cemetery on the way home. That and the spectacular views of the Kosciuszko Bridge. Getting there was easy: 39th St. to Greenpoint Avenue, then left on Review Street. Figures.

When the Jiffy Lube guy calls you up to recommend what should be done, in addition to the regular oil change, my strategy is to say, "Maybe next time" to all but one of the choices. "Yeah, let's do that." The one I do choose is always arbitrary. But I choose.


  1. Like Walter Sobchak says, nothing is fixed.

  2. Or as Donny says: "I am the walrus."