Greenpoint, October, 2015

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just You and Me, Seamus

In the Mitt'l of the Night
I dreamt I saw Ann Romney on the BQE. She was driving one of her Cadillacs. Very fast. She'd had enough of Mitt, the campaign, all of it. Maybe it was the Donald Trump endorsement that did it. Maybe it was Kid Rock. Who knows? Anyway, she was making a break for it now. A quick stop at the house in New Hampshire to pick up the dogs (would you trust Mitt with them?), then a dash across the border somewhere around Pettibone, Canada. Well, I wouldn't give much for her chances in Mexico, not with the Romney posse from Colonia Juarez on her tail. If she makes it, she'll trade the Caddy for a horse and ride west, winding up somewhere in north Saskatchewan. Hell, if Mitt wins in November, I might just follow her.

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