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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Triangle Takes the Square

Carl L. Sohncke Square
Talking of traffic islands as we were (Were we?), I have a few observations to make (I don't doubt it). Let's start with Carl L. Sohncke Square in Woodside (If you must). A few benches, a signboard, a bit of green bordered by Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside Avenue, 58th Street--and what's the other one? Oops, as Rick Perry would say (Rick Who?). That's right, there is no fourth bordering street. Because Sohncke Square is a triangle.
Bucolic Staten Island
"Square" must be the Parks Department's generic term for these little pocket parks. I mean, who really gives a sohncke (A what?) whether it's called a triangle, square, plaza. Take a look at Egbert Triangle in Staten Island (Must we?). It actually is a triangle, flanked by Willowbrook Road, Port Richmond Avenue, and Forest Road.  So, good job Parks Department. Right? (Cheers.)

Well, one might wonder how the Plain People of Richmond feel about that, particularly those who dedicated the park as Egbert Square in memory of Arthur Stanley Egbert, Seamen Second Class, who perished with 26 others when the troopship USS Abraham Lincoln was torpedoed by a German U-boat off France in 1918. Parks Department Czar Henry Stern (1983-90, 1994-2000) renamed the square Egbert Triangle "to better reflect its shape." (Figures.)

What's a memorial worth?

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  1. If you are going to go on about squares (that aren't) Manhattan is full them. Times Square (not). Neither is Duffy Square, or Herald Square. Madison Square (park) is a square, but Madison Square Garden (no were near Madison Square for more than 60 years)is round!