Greenpoint, October, 2015

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Winfield in Victory and Loss

This is Victorious America, also known as the Winfield War Memorial. The sculptor is James Novelli. She stands, or should stand, in Winfield Plaza at 69th Street and Woodside Avenue in Queens. According to your correspondent's brother, founder of Winfield Heights Alliance for Preservation (WHAP), she has been damaged by cars exiting the BQE at 69th St. no fewer than three times. She is currently being restored by Parks Department architectural conservator Michelle Langlie. Victorious America has presided over Winfield since 1926 (a good decade before the BQE sliced through the neighborhood--to her peril). The photo below shows what she will look out on now once restored to her pedestal. Is our only victory making it home in time to get a good parking spot?


  1. Dear Yariski,

    Exactly how many brothers do you actually have? It seems like a lot.


    Mrs. Oliphant Beady

  2. Dear Yariski,

    You seem to have brothers the way some people have mice. Although from your postings, I can't tell whether this is a problem or you are simply boasting.


    Mrs. C. L. Footloose