Greenpoint, October, 2015

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Vintage Schwinn poster
The other day, as I was crossing a midtown avenue, a biker dude turning left off the cross street neatly bisected me from the person just in front of me. A common occurrence, to be sure--especially in some of the more hipsterswoggled neighborhoods. I had the presence of mind to shout into the side of his face as he flew by, "Hey man, it's our light!" adding, for good measure, "Asshole!!" Nothing. No response. Not even a dismissive turn of the head.

Must be the potentially lethal cocktail of adrenaline and self-righteousness, through whose fog many bikers dismiss the lowly "ped," I decided. But I know now that I was mistaken. Instead of judging brother biker harshly, I should have pitied him. The shocking but true explanation--and what we can do about it!--in my next post.

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