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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goodbye Gowanus

Those florescent orange construction signs overhang the BQE as it crosses the Gowanus Canal heading west. Have a good screw and you'll see the left one reads--almost like a haiku-- BQE/STAT IS/VNB. But hold on, doesn't the BQE end where the Gowanus Expressway begins, east of the canal?

Who cares? It's time the BQE annexed the Gowanus. The Gowanus is a canal, not an expressway? Whereas, if we extend the BQE to the VNB and, further, across STAT IS, we could rename it the BQUEST, instantly becoming the coolest highway name east of the Dan Ryan. For those of you about to point out the "E" stands for "Expressway" (and not the first "E" in Queens): Go buy a vowel.

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