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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Like Nua

From the Land of the Rising Son
Your correspondent's co-vehicle has been restored to magnificent fully-loadedness! It took the guys at Jiffylube to finally get the replacement hubcap on, leading to just three possible conclusions:
1. The part is defective;
2. Your correspondent is defective (and/or the handle of a squash racquet is not the appropriate tool); or (most likely)
3. The car has shrunk slightly.

No matter, it's back to the front to brave the iniquities of the BQE. And another thing (as Myles na Gopaleen would say). Flann O'Brien has proposed a solution to the pothole epidemic:

"This interesting wheel is peculiarly suitable for rough potholed roads. The steel tyre is undulated in a way that will give the vehicle a series of uniform bumps. This element of periodicity reconciles the human body to what is called Anrรณ na marcuigheachta (literally saddle-soreness) and has the effect, paradoxically enough, of making rough roads smooth. Try it and see." (From At War.)

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