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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Victory Diet

Solidarność of the Stomach
While we're on the subject of Poles and bridges, this poster was produced in Brooklyn in 1917 to encourage Polish-Americans to eat less of the foods deemed necessary for the war effort. The text reads: "Kościuszko [&] Pulawski fought for freedom in America. Can you help America fight for freedom in Poland? Eat Less flour-meat-fats-sugar in order to help our brothers fighting in the Allied Armies."

The poster was created by the U.S. Food Administration. The artist was John Illian. Nice job. But somebody muddled one of the Polish patriot's names. It's "Pułaski," not "Pulawski." Strange because they clearly paid attention to the Polish characters, with their funny accents above the "s" & "z." Oh well, at least they got it right on the Skyway--well, almost, the "l" should be "ł," but who's counting (or reading for that matter)?

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