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Friday, January 11, 2013

Separate Incidents

Endangered species? (Photo courtesy KZTV10)
The disappearance in Sandy of Pithicos, the inflatable gorilla on the roof of the New York Auto Auction, was an act of God. Others of his species have met a different fate. An investigation by the Research Bureau reveals three incidents of foul play involving large blue (or purple) inflatable gorillas in just the last two years, including this guy above from Corpus Christi Subaru in 2012 (link).

There's also Marty from Spa's Stores of Gladstone, Oregon, 2012 (link) and another from First Kia in Simi Valley, California (link). Fortunately, that one was recovered by police on the high school roof (link). Kids did this!

A good inflatable gorilla costs upwards of $4000 according to Advertising Why do used car dealers lay out thousands on inflatable gorillas? Isn't obvious? People just feel more comfortable when they're around.

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