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Monday, January 21, 2013

Skyway Byeway (Halfway)

Earlier this month, the NJ DOT announced that the 2 northbound (i.e., NYC-bound) lanes of the Pulaski Skyway would close for long overdue repairs. Two years worth.
(Courtesy HBO)
I've long thought of the Skyway as a big brother or big sister to our own Kościuszko Bridge. It's about six years older (1932, 1938). And, of course, it's much, much longer: 3 1/2 miles to just over a third of one mile. Both are named for Polish generals and Revolutionary War heroes. And while, they are both beautiful structures, the roads they carry are hardly beloved by all, as this commentary sums up.

The shutdown of lanes is scheduled for just after the SuperBowl. Traffic to the Holland Tunnel will be massively affected, as will many intra-Jersey commutes. BQE riders will watch with interest this tryout for the imminent replacement of the Kościuszko.

The photo above is a screenshot from the Sopranos opening credits. Watch Tony's whole "commute" below. What would he have to say about the Skyway closure?

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