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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tram Times III

Do zobaczenia "Trzynastka"
I didn't know it when I posted yesterday, but the last venerable Konstal 13N model tram (like the one pictured in that post) has been retired from service in Poland after 53 years. You can read about the Konstal 13N (in English) and see some nice pix (and a video) on the W-wa Jeziorki blog. I hadn't realized that the first "Trzynastka's" ("13's") were produced in the U.S., and only later in Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and finally Poland from the 60s. I liked their narrow design. I'd stand in the rear of the car with glass all around looking out on the streets, cars, and pedestrians of the city. The photo above is of my local tram stop in Służew nad Dolinką, Warsaw, in the early 1990s. How many cold hours did I spend there waiting for a "36"? (Damn "19" does me no good.)

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