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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Support the Seventies & WFMU!

As regular readers of the blog know all too well, the official radio station of BTB is WFMU in Jersey City, NJ. It was only through the healing power of WFMU that I was able to simultaneously wean myself from NPR (National Puppet Radio) and master the BQE merge.

WFMU is now in the last day and a half of its annual fundraising marathon (ends Sunday night). If you are a fan of music and freedom--in any combination--consider pledging your support. If you can scrape together 75 bucks, you can get Michael Shelly's premium CD: Super Hits of the Seventies, 22 original 70s classics rerecorded by great contemporary artists including Yo La Tengo and Joe Pernice. Check out the K-tel style TV ad on YouTube. And go to the WFMU site and pledge!

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