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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Things to Do at Queensboro Plaza

Weekdays only
I saw this sign at Queensboro Plaza while waiting for a train to take me into Manhattan. It brought a host of questions to mind. Here are a few:

  • What would happen if the motorman forgot and stopped at Court Square? (Non-riders FYI: the station is under renovation until sometime in April.)
  • Can you actually "bypass" a station when there is only one track? (Or is this just a fancy way of saying "slow down but don't stop"?)
  • Is this font a variation of the famous MTA Helvetica?
  • Spell out "square." What is true about each of these three words? (*Answer below.)
Fearful symmetry
Coming back from Manhattan, I had time to admire the windows on the lower platform. Why only on the south side, I wondered? Perhaps this explains why, in a normal winter, Queensboro Plaza is so much colder than anywhere else. Are these the questions I will go to my grave with? Cheers, there's my wagon.

(*Answer: They can all function as verbs or nouns. This means you can make a variety of more or less meaningless sentences from them: "Court Bypass Square," "Square Bypass Court," etc. Try it yourself when you're stuck at QP!)

1 comment:

  1. "What would happen if the motorman forgot and stopped at Court Square?"

    Probably the conductor would keep the doors closed and get on the PA to ask why they stopped. Then the motorman would realize his mistake by saying, "Uh, signal problems! Yeah, that's it." And then continue on. (So THAT would explain all the alleged track problems...)

    "Spell out 'square.'"

    How about going back to calling it Court HOUSE Square, since the court house is still there? I still haven't a clue why they shortened the name. Too many syllables?