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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inclined to Luxury

You can see a lot of vintage automobiles on Staten Island. Unfortunately, they're most often seen on a flatbed truck being transported to somewhere else. My nephew identified this one from the photo as a Rolls Royce Phantom. No doubt he's right. You never know more about cars then before you actually start to drive them.

I asked my undergraduates--for purely pedagogical purposes, of course--how many had learned to drive on a standard transmission, and only one hand went up (besides mine). A lost art.

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  1. That's because 'standard' (the default) is automatic. for many models of cars, manual transmission cost MORE (it is a "feature").

    (I learned to drive on automatic, but with in 6 months was driving standard --3 on the tree, then i graduated to 4 on the floor, and now drive 5 on the floor.) My old car will give up the ghost one of these days--and i don't think i will be able to afford a new (to me) car with manual transmission.