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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deadly BQE Billboard Video

(Courtesy The Gothamist)
It's time to leave the Isle of Exiles and return our gaze to the BQE. If you've been following the mainstream news, you probably read about the collapse of a 50-ton billboard onto the BQE in Greenpoint during the windstorm on Friday (the 13th). Remarkably, no one was injured. (It was a billboard used by the Lottery; I imagine a lot of people played the number 11312 that day.) The billboard turns out to have been illegally erected within 200 feet of the highway, like scores along the BQE. Investigations seem to indicate faulty bolts in its anchoring. Comforting.

You can see a security cam video that captured the collapse here. This BQE video, Passing Salt, though, comes from Jon Par's (Staten Island filmmaker Jonathan Parisen) series of "minimal videos" (#1422). It recalls Mayor Bloomberg's assault on salt: It'll kill you.
If you survived that, you might enjoy Jon Par's surrealist epic (at 53 seconds), Angry Hot Dog Vendors:
He spent time in exile on Staten Island before being smuggled back into Mexico insideo crate. He spent time in exile on Staten Island before being sm

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