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Friday, January 27, 2012

Chulita Te Amo

Woody Woodside
I blathered in this space recently about subway staircase equity on the 7 train drawing the contrast between the 46th Street Station's 6 stairways to the street and 82 Street's 3. But there is at least one way 82nd St. has it all over 46th St. They've got some stained glass windows from 1999 by Yumi Heo. Heo hum... We've got Kate!
"In physical terms, I'm cuter than you..."

If you can't quite make it out on the poster, the commentary in red reads, "Chulita te amo," ("I love you, little sexy one"). And we do. I probably won't see Underworld Awakening but it does make me want to get out my copy of The Last Days of Disco (from 1998!). Here's Kate's character, Charlotte, with Alice (Chloe Sevigny) dancing in the greatest disco the world was ever privileged to see. Oh, Kate, what did we do to deserve you?

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