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Monday, December 26, 2011

Smiles for Smuggles

There are some brands that are marketed exclusively to the smug or even the super-smug (aka, the 1%). Infiniti is definitely one of these. Take for example, its recent TV commercial, "Snowball."

A smartly dressed businessman leaving work. As he gets into his sleek gray Infiniti we hear a smarmy voice off camera, "Heads up Dave." His colleague has thrown a snowball at him. Dave whips out his mobile phone and says, archly, to someone on the other end, "Get your friends." A chase commences along snowy woodland roads. Dave passes his rival to be waiting when he pulls into his driveway next door (they're neighbors too you see). "Heads up, Jim," he says as Jim gets out of his somewhat inferior luxury automobile. Suddenly, a dozen or so kids pop up from garbage cans and from behind snowbanks to launch a full-scale snowball barrage on poor Jim.

Well, it's just good clean fun and a valuable Christmastime lesson for the kids: The Smug Shall Inherit the Earth. Oh wait, they already own it.

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