Greenpoint, October, 2015

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Motion Pictures

Inching towards the Kosciuszko Bridge, I am transfixed by the image in the side-view mirror of the car in front of me. Like watching a tiny movie about a woman in a frustrating situation. Slight movements of the eyes, chin, nose express variations of boredom, acceptance, impatience. When I downloaded the photograph, I realized that another movie had been going on in the mirror of the car in front of hers. And that means..... The guy or gal in the car behind me could have been watching a movie of me.

Tony Oursler, Spectral Disorder
Somehow these disembodied faces remind me of pieces by Tony Oursler in which he projects faces, or sometimes just eyes, onto unexpected objects. It just goes to remind us, objects in the mirror are more intimate than they appear.

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  1. Love looking at people in their side mirrors! Never made the connection to Tony Oursler but it is a good one. IMO, he made the best response to 9/11 that I have encountered (although not sure he thought of it as a response to 9/11):

    I see it was presented in 2005, but to me it was totally about America's response to 9/11....