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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm Not a Troll

Newt as evil troll (from
There has been a lot of talk about bridges on this blog, but none about their trusty guardian, the troll. That ends now. I've been wondering why the race for the Republican presidential nomination has been so durn fun.  It wasn't until Christine O'Donnell, remember her?, came out for Mitt Romney that it struck me. This isn't politics, it's a fairy tale.

We've got a would-be knight in silvery armor (Mitt), an elf (Ron Paul), and a troll (Newt). Michelle Bachmann makes an excellent Evil Stepmother (of the foster mother kind). What about Callista? Sleeping Beauty?

I heard Rachel Maddow call them the "Seven Dwarfs," a reference to to the 1988 Democratic hopefuls,* but these guys and gals are so much more diverse than that. We've got a whole damn fairy tale here.

I'm just so glad Christine is back and I can share the Youtube video of her "I am not a witch" ad, auto-tuned. Strangely moving. Now it's back to my lair beneath the Kosciuszko Bridge.

*In 1988, the Democratic candidates were dismissed as the "Seven Dwarfs." Okay, the Duke was a bit of a dwarf, and Paul Simon did wear that goofy bow-tie, but Bruce Babbitt, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Jesse Jackson, Dick Gephardt--not exactly lightweights. Time to get out your Tanner '88.

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