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Friday, November 11, 2011

Like Verlaine or Rambo

Welcome to Queens
Rambo's high flying graffiti above the BQE has attracted attention in the blogonosphere for its audacity and persistence. As soon as a blank billboard space appears, white or black, he "bombs" it in signature form: a cryptic phrase across the top and a combination of tags in much larger letters below: Ponyboy, Xavior, and, of course, Rambo. 

But what does it all add up to? An outlaw Burma Shave campaign or a poet at work? Hark:
All our children play and laugh in misery
None shall slumber or sleep
Master your body, there's a soul within
Now is the time, the space.
Bless yourself, the light bearers
Are being reborn
White period
I constructed this poem from Rambo's oeuvre. What do you think? OK, OK, only the first, third, fifth and sixth lines are from Rambo, line two is from the Mekon's newest record, Ancient & Modern, 1911-2011, and the last line from John Cage's Silence from 1961. Suck on that, postmodernistas, I hang with Rambo.

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