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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bridge Over the River Dry

What's up with those towers?
The end of Borrington?
Of course, none of the Providence bridges I blogged about yesterday is likely to serve as a model for the replacement to the Kosciuszko. That role will be filled by something more like the recently opened, and much lauded,  I-195 bridge (above), which carries the relocated highway across the Providence River just beyond the hurricane barrier. Fine, a bit flashy, but fine.

I would prefer something closer to the Barrington River Bridge (above right and below), which, along with its sister just down Rte. 114, was also recently christened. Of course, the span would have to be much longer and wider, and the piers much much deeper. But you get the idea.

Now they're finished, the bridges' main purpose is obsolete, i.e., to allow residents of historically dry Barrington to cross to historically wet Warren for their liquor. Barrington has voted to permit the sale of booze! And did so in typical RI fashion. No such prohibition on either side of the Newtown Creek. We just need a new bridge. Something like this would suit me fine--with four times the lanes, of course.
Harbor lights

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