Greenpoint, October, 2015

Friday, October 28, 2011

Through a Glass, Dimly

"I Brake for Bigots"
Creeping along towards the Kosciuszko Bridge on a rainy night. Nothing new there. Wait. Am I delusional or is that an image of the Confederate flag in the rear window of that pickup? Now I see it, now I don't. Some kind of special glass, I guess.

"Stars and Bars"
This may be a good moment to remember that the first flag of the Confederacy, nicknamed "the Stars and Bars," looked quite different. Unfortunately, it was hard to distinguish from the Union, I mean, United States, flag on the battlefield--thus the more familiar Confederate Flag. Well, it's hard to distinguish this guy from an out-and-out asshole. And, oh yes, he had New York plates.

(BTW: The incoherent but entertaining 1988 movie, Stars and Bars, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Harry Dean Stanton, Spaulding Gray and others, doesn't appear to be available on Netflix. The book by William Boyd is a great mash-up of New York Art World & the New South.)

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