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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crazy Lemon

R.I.P. Bottom Line
Oh, you thought you were done with Joe Ely? Not so fast, partner. I first saw Joe at the Bottom Line in 1984 or 85. As always, he put on a great rockin' show. A then little known girl singer named K.D. Lang opened for him. Within a couple years, he'd be opening for her and, no doubt, loving it. Here's a little more poetry of the road from Joe Ely:

It's true that I stole a Budweiser truck.
I changed my mind, but the truck got stuck
In a muddy ditch so I hitched it back again
The second car that passed had a cherry on top.
Just my luck it was first to stop.
They said with a grin, Looky here it's the Crazy Lemon.

They call me the Crazy Lemon
I'm, for a while
I can't help what they think
I was born that way.
I'll be a little crazy till my dyin' day.
Just a man on the run they call the Crazy Lemon.

("The Crazy Lemon")

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