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Monday, October 31, 2011

Koel Wielen, Man!

Bad Ass!
So what's it going to take you to put you in the driver's seat of a 2013 BQErgonomics ComfortMove. That's right, since 1988 BQErgonomics in the Netherlands has been rolling out state of the art stools and chairs for medical professionals and others who demand mobility and lumbar support. Founded by Dutch physical therapist, Ernste Haaksma, the company is finally expanding into the US rolly-polly market. They have dealerships in LA and Colorado but astonishingly none in New York City.

The Crazy Lemon?
I haven't been able to figure out how much the stools cost but I'm hoping Sinterklaas leaves one under my tanenbaum. Check out the video on the company's website. It has it all: the history of bad posture, a rogue's gallery of "comfy" and stylish chairs, even a cameo by JFK. (It couldn't be weirder if it was directed by Lars von Trier--he's Danish, I know, I know.)

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  1. What a north sea coincidence. met with fancy architects today who are the local (butt?) boys for a Dutch firm who midway through the interview turned out to be Belgian. Your Blog was on all their Mac 48" diagonal monitors, natch. so better leave them nameless (and Diddy if your listening...)

    Dutch, Belgian, Walloon? Ya ta Hey