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Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Is the End

Ghosts of 71st St.
Readers of this blog may remember the astonishing photograph of le rayon vert ("green ray") over the BQE (seen from the 7 train). Equally remarkable, to me, is the white house that seems to float between the BQE and the freight train tracks that diverge from it at that point. It reminds me of the great Czech writer Bogumil Hrabal's story about a pub in Prague located precisely where the tram makes a sharp turn on the street just outside. Each time a tram approaches, patrons flinch a bit wondering if this will be the time the tram doesn't make the turn.
Light traffic

It's at the (temporary) end of 71st St., north of 41st Ave., in Woodside (Winfield?). 71st St. must have been bisected when the BQE was built. It doesn't pick up again until 37th Ave. in Jackson Heights. The house is less impressive, actually rather sad, up close--let's give it some privacy here. But the view of the BQE from its garage is spectacular. 

Once again, the Mekons (once again "Cockermouth"):
You don't have to believe in the end
You have to believe this is the end
(I ramble)
This is the end
(I ramble)

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