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Friday, July 11, 2014

Signs and Wonders

From the Atacama Desert, Chile.
Leaving Socaire
No passing. This is reserved for very few spots. In general, hills and curves are not an impediment to passing.

School crossing. From a distance, it looked like a woman carrying an upside down watering can. Just a case of decal peel. Here's the real thing, with a very quaint fire hydrant from the village of Socaires:

Children at play. Futbal, what else?

Animal crossing means vicuña crossing. The wild cousin of the llama, we saw quite a few vicuñas grazing peacefully. It didn't seem likely that they could leap as pictured above.

The sign I wish I'd photographed. Having driven 10 kms out of San Pedro to reach the well-marked turn-off for Valle de la Luna, and another two on an unsealed road, we discovered this exit to the park was cerrado. The other road at the fork had a sign, in Spanish and English: "No passage. Mine fields." Backtracking a few kilometers to arrive at the more obscurely marked entrance to the park was well worth it.
Valle de la Luna

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  1. Oh, that bottom shot -- once in a lifetime.