Greenpoint, October, 2015

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cloud Hypotenuse

July, 2014
On the upgrade to the Kosciuszko Bridge. Lots of lines to contemplate while stopped in traffic.


  1. Spectacular contemplative experience in watching this photo slowly load and extend itself down the page... the waiting creates what somebody would probably call a contemplative space, though I would probably more simply call it a pleasure.

    I must say the surprise began to dissipate about two-thirds of the way down (by then I was musing about my high school geometry class, Euclid & c), but at that point the interest once again perked up and in fact actually peaked, when it struck me that plane is... moving!

    An animation!

    Sheer genius.

    But staggering pleasures are wasted on the old, especially when in part self-induced.

    What other kind would they have.

    The title led me on, innocent that I am. At the end of the night I am unable to chase from the dusty cobweb attic of the mind a related word.


    Can these really be words in English?

    (I think it was the animation caused language to be emptied of all meaning. Happily I must say.)

    1. Tom, So glad the photo loading provided space or time for contemplation and pleasure. Rare enough these days. It was the plane that actually motivated the photo though it seems very far away here. I only noticed the cloud formation and the lines later.

  2. Thanks. Who said I couldn't do the math?

  3. Eek. The more I look... after about fifteen seconds, that plane is...

    ... yes, moving.

    Can it be someone has installed an animation app in my brain while it was still loading??

    "Bottom line" (talking of lines), though -- great post, David.