Greenpoint, October, 2015

Monday, July 21, 2014

Paradise Cove Road to the Poconos

A few years ago, I saw a classified ad for a house trailer on a piece of land in the Poconos. The price was reasonable, somewhere around $13,000. It was on a pond or lake. I clipped it out and stuck it inside the case of a CD--now buried in a stack somewhere or given away to Goodwill. Retirement plan taken care of.
Paradise Cove Road (Rockford Files pilot)
I found out about James Garner's death yesterday watching TV, where else?  I wasn't a huge Rockford Files fan but the show managed to imprint itself anyway. Especially the idea of living modestly (minus the Firebird) to be someplace beautiful. On the beach in Malibu, in the Poconos, or maybe Biscuit City, RI.


  1. This was such a lovely writing nugget. And I never liked the Rockford Files either, but am a little sad at seeing that mainstay go. I loved his voice and swagger. While I'm not sure how tempting this picture makes the trailer life, this tiny house movement does seem to be taking off. Didn't Matthew McConaghey (sp?) have one in a beautiful Cali beach?

    1. Liz, Thanks for the kind words. I never connected the dream(?) of a retirement trailer to the hip tiny house movement--but I will now!