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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miron Images

I passed this colorful truck on a gray BQE morning and it put me in mind of the great, oddball Polish poet Miron Białoszewski (1922-83). Here's a timely one to celebrate the return of our staircase at 82nd St. It cheers me up. How about you?

A Ballad of Going Down to the Store

First I went down to the street
by means of the stairs,
just imagine it
by means of the stairs.

Then people known to people unknown
passed me by and I passed them by
That you did not see
how people walk,

I entered a complete store:
lamps of glass were glowing.
I saw somebody - he sat down -
and what did I hear? what did I hear?
rustling of bags and human talk.

And indeed,
I returned.

(transl. Czeslaw Milosz)

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