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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dig That Hat!

Maybe it's the gas lines, maybe it's all the disparaging references to Jimmy Carter during the recently completed election, maybe it's the release of a great Fleetwood Mac tribute CD (right), but I've had 1979 on my mind a lot these last few weeks. I was pretty dismissive of Mac in those days. In my first review as arts editor for the mighty Red & White (high school newspaper), I chose Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps over the long, long-awaited Tusk. I stand by my decision. Rust has aged much better than Tusk. While Tusk has great hits ("Sara," "Rhiannon"), it can't touch "Powderfinger" or "Thrasher" for songwriting. There's too much filler on the double-LP "Tusk." But one song that kills, never released as a single, and covered beautifully by Marianne Faithful on the tribute CD, is Stevie Nick's "Angel." I never thought of Stevie as much of a rocker, but this video changed my mind. 1979, of course.

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