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Monday, November 5, 2012


"It's like North Korea," Harald Tremmer of Hanover, Germany, was quoted in this morning's The New York Times. Tremmer was running in an impromptu marathon yesterday, which followed the course of the canceled official version. That meant the runners passed many gas stations with many people waiting in line to buy gas.
Thanks, Yanks (and Brits)
Well, nobody ever accused the Germans of subtlety. Harald might have thought of an example closer to home: Berlin, 1948. After the Soviets sought to cut off the part of the city controlled by the Western powers, American and British planes flew in food, supplies, and, yes, fuel--as many as 1500 flights a day. Maybe, it's time to reciprocate. Chancellor Merkel, how about sending some of that German largesse to Rockaway Beach or New Dorp?

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