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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Voices Carry

Don't go searching for your old Til Tuesday records. That's not Amy Mann, it's Kasia Jarosz and Wielkanoc, a Polish new wave band from the late 1980s. In English, their name means "Easter." Despite certainly stylistic similarities--the hair!--they had a harder-edged, more punkish sound than their American counterparts. Well, they had more to be angry about, coming of age in Lubin, a small industrial Silesian city, in the last days of the PRL (Polish People's Republic). Their only record Dziewczyny Karabiny (Girls Carbines) was released just last year. Unfortunately, it's not available at all in what used to be referred to as The West. (More on the Wielkanoc generacja on Agata Pyzik's fine blog nuits sans nuit et quelques jours sans jour.)

Here's a video of the band doing "Ranne Zwierzata" (Injured Animals) from those days before the New World Order. Happy Easter!

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