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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life's Rich Pageants

See you on the 6 train!
NYC hasn't crowned a Miss Subways since 1976. I guess something happened in the seventies. Fortunately, Miss Taxi International goes on, an annual contest sponsored by Consur Insurance Company in East Elmhurst.

The mission of MTI is simple: "To provide entertainment, fun and amusement to the Taxi driver, his family, and his Base." Entrance requirements seem a bit flexible: "The pageant contestants are usually related or linked to members of the Taxi industry." There are more  photos from the 2012 pageant, beautiful and somehow heartbreaking, at
(Photo courtesy
Whatever happened to Enid Berkowitz? Did she become a costume designer? Did she settle for an M.R.S.? Or did she get a job with Don Draper at Sterling Cooper? 

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