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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rules on the Roadside

Secretary of State?
1978. Senior Math. I'm trying to calculate what the difference would be on $55 after a year deposited in an account with simple interest versus one with interest compounded quarterly. One of my stoner classmates slumps into the desk next to me, notices somebody has carved "Nugent Sucks" into it, and mutters, "Yeah, right." He begins to methodically scratch it out. Neither of us would finish our problem before the bell rang.

Can we really still be talking about Ted Nugent? Can his endorsement of Romney or his hate rant about Obama matter to anybody? These questions got me thinking it might be a good time to reconsider Ted Nugent the artist. I googled "Ted Nugent" and "highway" (well, why not?) to see what came up. Here's the first verse of "Writing on the Wall" from his double-platinum Free For All.

Racin' down the highway
I'd rather have it my way
Gotta have more...
Rules on the roadside
Floor it like a landmine
Keep you on your toes

Reader, judge for yourself. I wonder what Mitt Romney was doing in 1978.

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