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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Ramble

Mekons 25th Anniversary Tour--Seattle
Query: Name a band formed in 1977 that is still creating music worth listening to. If you're thinking Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan, then you're off the mark on two scores: That great constellation came together in 1975 and they haven't recorded in decades. So it must be the Mekons. 
If the Clash was billed as "the only band that matters," the Mekons deserve the accolade "the only band that matters and endures."

Check out the song "Cockermouth" from the last Mekon's record, Natural, from a a Chicago show in 2008 on Youtube below--and buy the record, cheapskate. Seriously, it's the equal of W.G. Sebald, and that's saying a lot. Nobody does fatalism like the Mekons. 

The great news is a new Mekons record is on the way and they are coming back to NYC this fall. They are playing two dates: Friday, Oct. 7 at the Bell House in Brooklyn (hard by the BQE) and Saturday, Oct. 8 at the NYC Winery. Go to the Bell House show and fuck the NYC Winery with their $22 reserved bar stools. "It's their world, and they can keep it," the Mekons sang years ago. But they go on.


  1. "the equal of W.G. Sebald" Wow! High praise, dude.

    Can you still buy records?

  2. You bet you can! Vinyl sales are on the upswing. CDs are the new cassettes, not to say 8 tracks.