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Monday, September 26, 2011


Listo, Calisto
Until we institute the "Banned by Brand" policy I introduced in my previous post, which will effectively diminish much of NYC's traffic congestion, I suggest we adopt another Colombian innovation--the roving coffee vendor. Nearly anywhere you go in Colombian cities, you will find these guys with their small carts or handheld crates with sturdy jugs ready to fill a little plastic cup for you. And it's good!

Imagine: you are creeping towards the Kosciuszko Bridge, one painful car length at a time, when out of nowhere appears an intrepid vendor to serve you a fresh tinto (black coffee, but you can also have it con leche). Que Bueno! It's not enough coffee to put baristas out of work, or the guys in the corner "donut aquariums" (term courtesy Mr. Picky), but enough to keep you going.

For more pictures like the one above, check out this blog.

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