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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sinister Hybrids

Our first movie in the new BTB series Not on Netflix is Dolina (Valley), a Hungarian-Romanian production directed by Zoltan Komandi. It's based on a story by the Hungarian writer Adam Bodor whose work has been translated into Polish and other languages but, except for a few scattered stories, barely at all into English. Bodor's stories are largely set in the fictional Sinistra district of an unnamed and anarchic Central European country. Dark, gruesome, funny, timeless--the hallmarks of Hungarian literature--pity we can't read them or see the movie. You can read more about the film in this review from the 2007 Karlovy Vary (Czech R.) film festival.

In the trailer, be sure to check out the great train-auto hybrids (as well as the clip on beards).

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